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Hong Kong Aquaculture Ltd was established in 2019. "HK Aquaculture" is located in Yung Shue Au marine fish farming area, found by Mr. Alex Lam. It is a new generation marine fish farm in the current Hong Kong aquaculture industry. Since 2013, we have continuously optimized and improved traditional marine fish farming techniques and equipment through technology, integrating aquaculture techniques from around the world, and tailor-making a set of marine fish farming methods more suitable for Hong Kong waters and climate.

"HK Aquaculture" adheres to the farming method of the "Sustainable Seafood" concept, refusing to catch wild fish fry, rejecting any chemical and drug additions, refusing to catch wild fish for feeding, and insisting on feeding pellet feed.

We firmly believe in the farming concept of "Healthcare is more important than treatment", constantly researching on how to enhance health and resistance from fish diet therapy. In addition to carefully selecting imported feeds from Taiwan that have won multiple international certifications and quality assurance labels, Alex has also designed a series of recipes. Every day, the feed is soaked in natural spices, probiotics, compound nutrients, fruit vinegar, onions, garlic, and water kefir, etc., before feeding the farmed fish, ensuring a full spectrum of nutrients, maintaining fish health and enhancing fish resistance. With this technical detail, it can ensure better digestion effects of the fish, promote fish nutrient absorption, effectively increase the content of fish oil (source of fish deliciousness and nutrients).

Moreover, we insist that every marine fish produced by "HK Aquaculture" is treated with "Ikejime" (neural blood clotting), coupled with ultra-low temperature quick freezing technology and vacuum suction packaging, which can effectively kill bacteria, parasites and eggs, making the public feel safe to eat.

All fish products sold by "HK Aquaculture" have been pre-treated, thoroughly removing fish blood, viscera, and scales, and cleaned with disinfected seawater. Just thaw in the packaging bag, and you can cook directly after opening the packaging bag after thawing, no need for further cleaning, saving time and convenience, striving to bring the best quality nutrients, the most original freshness, the cleanest hygiene, and the most convenient premium “Made in Hong Kong” fish products to customers.